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Welcome to the world of Appalams and Poppadoms

Carrying on with the baronial legacy of Pappads / Poppadoms making, we "Arul Appalam Depot" have notched the elevated position in industry. Owing to long experience, expertise, and resources, we prepare Poppadoms or Thin Crisp Cakes in a variety of flavors such as Pepper, Green Chilli, Red Chilli, Cumin (Jeera), Garlic, Sesame, Coriander Leaf, Mint, Tomato, and many more with the help of proper processing equipment, pursuant to food regulations and protocol. Keeping in view the hygienic and food safety measures, our Spicy Poppadoms & Plain Poppadoms are long on the quality and taste.

We have formulated a food safety control system in compliance with National or International principles and guidelines in order that we can offer the-best-in-the-quality plain poppadoms and spicy poppadoms, consequentially our entire range of food products has ruled the Indian markets as well as made outstanding inroads in global markets. It is our fervent pledge to ensure total satisfaction to our customers not only by high grade products but also by practicing fair dealing, ensuring on-time delivery and quoting reasonable prices of our Poppadoms.

We boast of being the professional Poppadoms Manufacturer from Tamil Nadu, India. We use hygienic processes and high-level technology to make this Indian food product. It is made in different flavors and provide them with first rate quality. We have gained a major share in the market through systematic approach of production and marketing. Further, we are bolstered by a well organized distribution system, which makes the delivery process simple, smooth and timely.

We provide the range of spicy and plain papads in various packets of 100 gms, 150 gms, 200 gms, 300 gms etc. Kindly send us inquiry for the complete details and clearly mention your bulk requirements.


The firm manufactures and export Appalams, Pappadums, Mini Pappadum, Sesame Papad and Spicy Papad of many varieties and of different sizes.

Carrying on with stringent quality-control empowers the company to promise the Spicy Papad and Sesame Papad of optimal quality. Papadum is a borrowed word from Malayalam "pappadam". Both pappadam and Hindi-Urdu papppad are derived from the Sanskrit word "parpada", also defined as 'a thin crisp cake', is named after a medicinal plant. The most of alehouse of the world whether be India or Australia, Pappadums in varied flavour like red chilli, green chilli are served as a starter along with varied dips and generally with mango chutney. Arul Pappadams are rich in proteins with 0% Cholesterol and 0% Fat. The Spicy Pappads prepared by us will be 100% vegetarian and natural; with no added flavours, preservatives and colors. Masala Papads are normally in 30 flavors out of 100 varieties are available in the market. 


The basic varieties of Arul Appalams are:
  • Black Pepper Papadum
  • Kerala Pappadum
  • Green Chilli Pappadums
  • Red Chilli Pappadums
  • Crushed Red Chilli Pappadums
  • Cumin (Jeera) Pappadum
  • Garlic Papadum
  • Sesame Pappadum
  • Coriander Leaf Pappadum
  • Mint Papadum
  • Tomato Papadum
  • Caraway (Saunf) Pappadum
  • Saunf Pappadum
  • Jack Fruit Pappadum
  • Microwavable pappadums
  • Mini Disco Pappadum
  • Bhindi Pappadum (Ladys Finger)
Our special varieties Include:
  • Spicy Papad
  • Sesame Papd
  • Masala Papad
  • Indian Mixed Masala Pappadum
  • Chilli Garlic Pappadum
  • Garlic Cumin Pappadum
  • Garlic Green Chilli Pappadums
  • Garlic Sesame Pappadum
  • Coriander leaf Jeera Pappadum
  • Punjabi Masala Pappad Papadums


Arul Appalam Depot is dedicated to catering to company's exporting need since Decades.

We pride ourselves on intimating that we export Masala Papad worth around five lakhs every day to different states of the world. The list of countries to which, we supply our pappads includes Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, U.S.A and UK. We are also contract manufacturer and supply chain of world's renowned companies who place their trust on us for the best-quality Green Chilli Pappadums. It is owing to our state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure that allows us to export over 30 varieties of Pappadums like Red Chilli, Chilli Garlic, Punjabi Masala, Green Chilli pappadums, Sesame Papad, Spicy Papad, a few to mention. The scrumptious tastes assured by us are on account of the the usage of some basic high-quality ingredients which are named below:

Basic Ingredients:

  • Urid Dhall
  • Rice Flour
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Sodium Chloride (Salt)
  • Edible oil
  • Asafoetida.

"We are mainly serving in countries like Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, India and Gulf Countries."